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Games to Staycation with

Since reopening Tabletop West, now known simply as ‘West’, I have had a few people holidaying in or around Bantry asking what games would be good to take with them in their camper van/caravan/tent or even small games to bring to a friend’s garden for drinks. There are...

City Council update — and moving on 🙂

Just wanted to update everyone, as you'd all been so good! Today we received the reply to our restart grant rejection appeal. As expected, it was unfavourable. As far as Cork City Council is concerned Tabletop is gone. The decision: "Dear Mr Heinhold To qualify for...

A Curious Rejection – Cork City Council Say No To Games

So this is a long post about the City Council actively discouraging our return to the city by arbitrarily denying us the restart grant. We hope you’ll read it, consider it, and maybe pass any thoughts you have along to your local councillor. While we were getting all...

Making the call.

This blog post is copied from a Facebook post, that went up on Monday 22nd of June. It is re-posted here in case anyone might have missed the original. We will be posting more regular blogs; on games, beers, food, and general goings on, soon. Thank you. Today, Monday...

Cork Board Game Competition

Due to the unrelenting weather we have decided to extend the deadline for our Design a Board Game competition! If you have been beavering away then you have some extra time to tweak those rules; and if you’ve been busy in the sun then you have the chance to get...