The Mind


The Mind is more than just a game. It’s an experiment, a journey, a team experience in which you can’t exchange information, yet will become one to defeat all the levels of the game.

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The Mind is an odd one, in that I am not sure if it is 100% a game, or partly a social experiment you can enjoy with friends. It is cooperative, you must work together to solve it by playing your cards in a face up stack in order from lowest to highest. On the first level each player has one card. On level 2 each player has two cards, and so on until you reach level 12 (there are different goals for different player counts, and as with Flip Over Frog, The Mind plays well at lower and higher counts). The tricky part of the Mind is that while playing you can not communicate with your teammates in any way at all. No winking, or nodding, or tapping your foot; you simply look at your cards, and then when the time is right for you to add a card to the shared stack, you do so. 

I have never seen a team get past level 6 (without cheating…). How in sync with your friends/family are you?


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